Holistic Sleep Coaching

We understand how important sleep is. Our holistic sleep consultants are here to teach you everything you need to confidently manage your baby’s sleep.

Reasons to Book Sleep Consultation

Learn baby’s sleep cues

Settling baby

Nap time Challenges 

Short Naps

Positive Sleep Environment 

Sleep Regressions

How to stop those overnight feeds (for older babies)

And more! 

Is your baby a good sleeper? 

 You might hear this question a lot as a new parent. 

A medical study concluded that the majority of developmentally normal, healthy babies do not sleep through the night. So if your little one has yet to sleep through the night, you are NOT alone. We can help you implement the tools to better sleep and hopefully longer stretches for your baby.

Your sleep coach will work with you through sleep related issues and concerns. They will address your specific needs to develop a plan that works for you and your family so that your baby feels comfortable and safe during sleep, and so you can finally get the rest you need, too!


  • Virtual calls with an expert sleep coach for personalized advice. 
  • Want to work with an expert holistic sleep consultant in person? This service is available for babies 4 months and older. We currently offer in person sleep coaching in Miami, FL which includes 4 days of in home care PLUS two months of text followup.