Finding your tribe is important

While having expert support is so needed, so is the connection between other parents who are going through similar life stages.

Figgi Support groups become lifelines for parents who attend. Sessions are ongoing so you can hop in at any time. The sessions are led by a trained coach and you meet other parents who can be the source of camaraderie and support you through challenging topics.

Each week we will focus on a different topic, however the groups are organic and  conversation is driven by who is in attendance.

Support groups are available to parents who sign up for ANY membership tier!

Pregnancy Group

Connect with other parents who are also expecting. Share stories, discuss challenges and get expert tips from the coach. Open to parents from conception to right before birth

Spouse/Partner Group

Figgi cares for the whole family! Non birthing partners are welcome to join this group for some camaraderie and tips and tricks on how to best support your partner.

New Mom/New Parent

This group is perfect for new parents who may be going through all the new changes shortly after birth/adoption. Great for parents with babies 0-3 months.

Breastfeeding Challenges Group

This group is for parents who are breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or are exclusive pumpers. Come with your questions and get support from an IBCLC as well as other parents who may also have some tips and tricks for you.

Parents & Tots group

Perfect for parents with older babies and toddlers. This group focuses on your unique challenges, whether it’s teething, starting solids, sleep, stress….you name it. It’s our wild card group and always a fun time!

Working Parents group

Most moms have trouble when they return to work. Meet with others for tips and trick on how to make the transition easier. This group meets on the weekends to mee the needs of working parents.