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Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond 

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By joining Figgi, you are connected to a dedicated doula for the duration of your membership. Doulas are trained, non-medical birth and postpartum experts who provide evidence based support, help cheer you on and give resources and recommendations. We address a range of topics, including postpartum healing, baby sleep, eating concerns and much more all through our text and video sessions. Research shows that when a doula is part of the journey, families have a healthier and more enjoyable experience.

Our doulas at Figgi have been described as “the best friend I never knew I needed” by clients.  They are your newborn care specialist, maternal health guide, lactation educator, mental health coach, baby sleep trainer, mentor, and friend.  They know what’s normal and what’s not.  They’re there for you when you are juggling a colicky baby or a worried mind. 

Figgi doulas are educated and calm, offering solutions that make sense for you and your family.  They have your best interests at heart and the health of your baby in mind.


  • Learn how to prepare for birth and postpartum
  • Get recovery support to facilitate your healing journey
  • You can chat with your doula about anything and everything….baby care, poop, postpartum bleeding, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, sleep, mental health, partner support, self care, navigating friends and family
  • Receive recommendations and resources in your local community

Join our tribe

Community Support Groups & Forums

Figgi Support groups become lifelines for parents who attend. Sessions are ongoing so you can hop in at any time. The sessions are lead by a trained coach and you meet other parents who can be the source of camaraderie and support you through challenging topics.


  • Pregnancy Support 
  • Newly Postpartum Group
  • Dads and Partners Group
  • Working Moms Group
  • Parents with Toddlers
  • Breastfeeding Support 

We are here for parents just like you…

We understand your needs, because we've been there

Parenthood can be amazing, scary, tiring, lonely. There will be days with highs and lows and we are there to guide you through. 

Goals oriented

We know every family is different and what works for one may not work for another. We met our members where they are at. 

Quality & Community

By joining the Figgi tribe you are part of our family and community. We provide you with personalized support every step along the way. 

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how it works

Here’s how we can support you

Book your membership

Schedule your intro call, then book your membership. You will then be prompted to complete our member intake forms so we can provide you with the best support possible. 

Connect with your dedicated doula

Your doula will be your guide for the duration of your membership.  They are there to support you through the journey of early parenthood. 

Connect with health professionals & Figgi Community

Book your calls with telehealth providers for 1:1 personalized support. Connect with other parents via the forums and attend one of our many community circles. 

What You’ll Gain

Evidence based coaching

Lifelong friends & Community

We have two ways to connect with other parents on a similar journey. One is our weekly tribe calls and second is our community forums. 

Greater satisfaction & wellbeing

Our mission is to build happier, healthier and confident parents.

Dedicated Parenthood Doula

Having a dedicated support person can make a world of diference. You won’t have to explain your situation over and over. Our doulas are like superdoulas and certified in many areas, meaning you won’t haven’t to chat with a bunch of providers to get your needs met. But just in case, we have more advanced practioners available for you. 

Get expert guidance

We’ll talk about your goals/struggles, then determine how we can support you. 

Figgi love notes

Read Reviews From Past Clients

Leslie C

Leslie C

Terrified to Confident FTM

I went from a terrified first time mom fresh out of a month long NICU stay to feeling like I wasn’t totally on my own thanks to Hali. After just one month of working with Figgi I felt like I had a solid knowledge resource and I didn’t have to do endless research for one question. I could just go to one place and feel confident in the answer. You can’t place a price on peace of mind, especially for a FTM.


Hannah H.

Hannah H.

1st time mom

My experience has been great!

My experience with my postpartum doula Ashleigh has been great! She’s really knowledgeable and supportive. It’s nice to have her expertise outside of all the other people giving advice in the parenting realm. She is truly a gem and I’m so grateful to have her.