Nutrition Coaching

Reasons to book nutrition coaching 

Improve your diet to support your pregnancy and postpartum period

Learn how to find consistency with healthy eating habits

Boost your immunity, improve gut health and digestion

Learn what foods work best for you and your baby

Get back to a healthy weight 

Learn intuitive eating for every shape and size


Growing a baby and gives birth takes a lot out of you.

Your body must give up nutrients to support the growth of your baby. If nutrients are not restored, a condition called postnatal depletion can occur. 

The foods you eat can make an impact on your recovery and overall health.

As your body recovers it needs vital nutrients. Learn how to get the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Figgi’s approach is fully integrative meaning we take all factors into consideration and never push any one style of eating. We support your goals for healthy breastmilk production, returning to healthy body weight, support for hormonal based changes (hair falling?), and help you create plans to balance your mind and body and improve your mood and energy levels. 

Each trimester brings on different hormonal shifts. Eating to support these changes can help keep your energy levels up, cravings at bay and reduce nausea. 
We don’t believe in “bouncing back” after baby. We focus on a gentle approach to nourishing your body, supporting your hormones and recovery period.