Do you feel overwhelmed?  

Am I producing enough milk?

How can I get my baby to sleep?

Is this normal? 

These are the questions we get asked regularly…..


Find your village

Fertility to Postpartum

Do you feel like you’re losing your identity, suffering from sleep deprivation or have  anxious thoughts about caring for your baby? You are not alone. 

Figgi helps guide you through these challenges so you can feel confident, empowered on your parenthood journey. 

Don’t wait until you are burnt out to ask for help. Parenthood was never meant to be done alone. 

A must have for all first-time moms

“As a first-time mom, it has been so amazing to have access to my doula whenever I need it. I can text, email, or FaceTime her to ask any question I might have. When I was expecting I was able to take childbirth classes, lactation class, and newborn care class for me and my partner that helped me feel super prepared for our little ones arrival.” -Cara, Figgi Parent 

Feel more empowered

Raising little humans takes a village. 

Common Questions

Do you offer tele-health or in person support?

Both! We are a hybrid company offering in person support in Miami, FL and virtual support anywhere in the world. 

Can I refer a friend?

Absolutely! Please reach out to use via email for a special promo code you and your friend can use for a discounted month! 

Do you accept insurance?

We are working insurance coverage at this time. You may qualify for coverage from one of our IBCLC lactation consultants. They can provide you with a superbill. You may also qualify through Carrot or Medicaid as some doulas are in network. 

Can you create a custom package for me?

Absolutely! Please reach out to us for custom pricing. 

Your own newborn +breastfeeding guru

Motherhood is hard and it takes a village. You need a guru to help with all the things that pop up. Hali cheers me on and helps guide me through each step. I don’t produce enough milk to breastfeed exclusively, but she helps me maximize what I can produce. She came up with a pumping schedule that is realistic and keeps me on track through her proactive check-ins.

Deirdre W.

I am capable of this

Postpartum care puts a lot of focus primarily on baby, but my doula looked out for the well-being of both my newborn and myself as a first-time mom – I so appreciated her informational and encouraging support, which helped give me the confidence I needed to believe that I am capable of this.”

Angela F



Virtual Support

Virtual Support with 1:1 access to Figgi 


Lactation Consultant 

Sleep Coach

 Unlimited Texting with 2 monthly calls

   *May be covered via insurance*


In person Support


 In person Support in Miami

Postpartum Doula

Lactation Consultations

Doula Support Day/Night Coverage

Sleep Coach Support

  *May be partially covered via insurance

A’la Carte

$35-30 Minute Expert Call

$75-60 minute Expert Call


We respect your privacy at all costs and follow HIPAA guidelines. Our text and video platforms are HIPAA compliant, meaning they are private and protected. And you only have to share what you’d like in our community calls.